2021 Expired Disaster Declarations

The following chart provides a list of FEMA federal disaster and other disaster declarations which have passed the 120 day disaster declarations policy. 


Affected Counties or Zip Codes

Disaster Type

Disaster Declaration Date & Source of Declaration

Incident Start Date

Incident End Date

Policy Start Date

Policy End Date


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Clarke, Dallas, Marengo, Mobile, Perry, Washington, and Wilcox Counties Hurricane Zeta 10/28/2020 10/29/2020 10/28/2020 02/25/2021


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Fresno, Los Angeles1, Madera, Mendocino, Napa, San Bernardino, San Diego2, Shasta, Siskiyou, and Sonoma Counties


Zip code requirements (click here)

The following zip codes in Los Angeles and San Diego counties are required to continue to obtain disaster inspections, all other zip codes will not require a reinspection, but will require a comment on the appraisal that the subject property was not negatively impacted as required per the agency Disaster Policies. Note the FIMC declared disaster end date for the rest of the zip codes in these two counties in the far right column.

  1. Los Angeles: 90631, 91006, 91008, 91011, 91016, 91023, 91024, 91042, 91390, 91702, 91709, 91748, 91765, 92823, 93021, 93532, 93536, 93543, 93544, 93550, 93552, 93553 and 93563.
  2. San Diego: 91901, 91916 and 91935.
Wildfires 09/04/2020 11/17/2020 09/04/2020



FIMC declared End Dates:

Note: End Dates apply to all zip codes except those listed in the second column to the left.

  1. Los Angeles County: 10/20/2020
  2. San Diego County: 11/04/2020


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Acadia, Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Iberia, Jefferson Davis, Lafayette, Rapides, St. Laundry, St. Martin and Vermilion Parishes Hurricane Delta 10/06/2020 10/10/2020 10/06/2020 02/07/2021


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Jefferson, Lafourche, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, and Terrebonne Parishes Hurricane Zeta 10/26/2020 10/29/2020 10/26/2020 02/26/2021


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George, Greene, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, and Stone Counties Hurricane Zeta 10/28/2020 10/29/2020 10/28/2020 02/26/2021


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Clackamas, Douglas, Jackson, Klamath, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, and Marion Counties Wildfires and Straight-line Winds 09/07/2020 11/03/2020 09/07/2020 03/03/2021

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